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:: Sunday, August 21 ::

So we passed on the house in Sussex due to the crappy home inspection. Our search continues...
Last night I threw a Mexican Fiesta. It was fun. I like to throw fun themed parties. We had fajitas and nachos. We drank margaritas and coronas and sol and dos equis. We played Uno. Now I have to clean my apartment. Actually, considering the amount of people that were here and the amount of alcohol consumed, the damage is not so bad. I just have a sink full of dishes and a box full of bottles for the dumpster. I do have too much leftover food for Chuck and I to eat, so we'll probably go over Chuck's parents house and bring dinner. It's pretty nice out today, so we can swim. My anniversary is sneaking up on me. It's in another 2 weeks. The year 2 gift is cotton. I have no idea what sort of cotton I can buy Chuck. And we've been kind of tight on the cash flow recently, what with buying a house and all, so it kind of makes things harder. I think Chuck is planning to take me somewhere for the weekend, which doesn't really involve cotton, but it will be nice.
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:: Monday, August 8 ::
Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Yesterday we went to the Sussex County Fair. It was a lot of fun. My friend from work got us free tickets because her dad does something with the fair, but I don't konw exactly what. Anyway, it was really cool. We got to see a whole bunch of animals and ride some rides and stuff. I ate the most junk food ever. The best part of the whole fair was getting to see the paddling pigs. They have pig races, and it's really cute because they're little pigs running around, but for the last two races they have the pigs jump into a lap pool and swim. I have never seen a pig swim before. It was the cutest and funniest thing ever!! We also got to see a little show with bears and a mountail lion. That was pretty cute. They had them do tricks and stuff. They also had a really cool exhibit with local photographers. I really like that too. There were some really cool photos in there. I had a blast, it totally rocked.
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Holy crap! Why didn't anybody tell me that Peter Jennings died! This is just aiming to be the week from hell. Our home inspection was on Saturday, and it didn't go very well. We found out that all of the supporting floor joists have powder post beetle damage. The foundation has some pretty bad leaks and there's electricity in the house that they basically made illegal in the 1940's. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, there's possible lead paint around some of the windows. And it cost $500 to find all of this out. Normally home inspections are only around $300 dollars, but because it's a duplex it cost more. So now I'm sure what we are going to do. We really don't have the money to start looking for another house. First of all, finding another house in our price range is going to be ridiculous, because there really is not a whole lot in our price range. Not to mention the fact that we just dropped $500 dollars on a home inspection and we still have to pay the lawyer for the attorney review. We really don't have enough savings to do all of that again. We are going to have to renegotiate with the seller to see how much of the repairs he's willing to do before selling to us or if he will come down in price at all. I can't imagine he won't at least meet us halfway on some of the repairs. I mean, if he wants to sell it at all he has to fix the stuff or the next home inspection will go the same way. Also, as far as the electricity goes, he has to fix that right away because he currently has tenants in the house, and with the bad electricity it makes him liable if anything should happen to them. Hopefully everything will work out. I'm just worried that if he does fix everything that's wrong, it will take awhile and our closing date is going to get pushed way back. Ugh.
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:: Sunday, July 24 ::
So we put in our offer, and the guy said that he liked it, and our closing date is set for October 14th at the very very absolute latest. If everything goes smoothly, we will more likely close sooner. Holy crap I can't believe that I'm actually buying a house. Being grown up is scary.
I just spent the last 3 days at the beach. Chuck and I went to Sandy Hook on Thursday (we played hookie). It was really nice. That was the first time we'd been there all season, so it was cool. The water was really warm, (well, for the Jersey shore it was warm) which was nice, and it's still a little too early for jelly fish, so it was fun to swim. I also saw 2 double crested commorants flying over the water, which was cool, along with the usually red winged black birds and gulls and terns. Then Kristen really wanted to go to the beach on Friday. She has been wanting to go for awhile, but nobody else wants to go with her, so I went. It was fun. We went up to the North Beach at Sandy Hook, which is a really nice beach. I had only been to Gunnisen Beach before that. While there I saw a black skimmer, which was really cool because it was the first time I've ever seen one of those. He flew by really fast, but I still got to see him, and it was exciting. Chuck and I went to Gunnisen again on Saturday. I got a little burned that time, which kind of stinks, but it was worth it. It was a beautiful weekend and I'm so glad I got to be a beach bum for a little bit. Oh yeah, and on Saturday, while we were leaving I noticed an osprey nest. It was really freaking cool. I've never seen one of those, either, and I got to see a pair nesting, so it was completely awesome.
Today we just hung out. Nothing exciting. We took a ride up to Sussex and bought some fresh fruit and veggies at a roadside stand. Then we ate at the Chatterbox, which is a big 50's style restaraunt. They have the car hop thing like Stewarts, only it's much larger. They also have Cruise night when people bring all their old cars like at Fudruckers. Cruise night is on Saturdays, though, so there were no cars to see. The food was pretty good. The onion rings were really good and they had the most kick ass shakes ever.
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:: Friday, July 8 ::
We may be buying a house. I'm very excited. It's alllll the way up in Sussex, so that kind of sucks (it'll be like a 40 minute commute for Chuck), but that was the only area we could really afford. It's actually a duplex, and we are buying it with the help of Chuck's sister, who will be living there with us (and her husband, of course). We are going to put a contract together on Saturday. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
Tonight I will be eating dinner with Chuck's family at Sakura, or as it is better known in these parts, The Best Japanese Steak House EVER! Family dinner is usually fun. It should be okay, I guess.
I got a raise at work. 50 cents! WOOHOO!
After Chucks extensive touring in June (he played 6 shows!) the band will be taking a short break and resuming their hectic concert schedule July 30. Actually, Matt is going on vacation and they haven't booked any extra shows because they want to get some practices in before the Casey O'Toole show on August 5th.
Fat free, sugar free jello instant pudding tastes just as good as the original instant pudding.
Oh yeah, how could I forget...I went to Live 8 last Saturday! That was pretty awesome. Chuck's friend Monika invited us down for the weekend (her boyfriend has a condo in Mt. Holly). Of course we got nowhere near the stage, but it was still cool. They completely closed off the center of Philly and they had jumbo screens up all over so you could watch the concert from different places. There were so many people. The entire Ben Franklin Parkway was packed shoulder to shoulder. It was kind of crazy, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. There weren't any riots or anything. Although, we did see people jumping on top of the vending trucks to try to see the stage. And there were people climbing on top of the port o johns, too. That was kind of nasty. I would hate to be the person inside trying to pee while that was happening. I had fun. It was cool to be able to say we were there and stuff. When I saw it on TV later I couldn't believe I was actually in that crowd somewhere. Seeing Bon Jovi was pretty cool. He came on stage singing Living on a prayer, which was awesome. Will Smith was also pretty cool. The crowd went nuts for him, of course, because we were in Philly. He finished his set with the theme to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and everybody went crazy for that. It was really fun. The fire department was there and they had the hoses spraying down sections of the street, so you could run through it and stuff. That was kind of fun. It was like being a little kid playing in the rain. All in all it was a pretty kick ass time. I'm really glad I had the chance to go.
And finally, because I like to save the worst for last, I went to the doctor on Tuesday because I was having these really bad stomach pains, and he wants to send me to a gastrointerologist. I've had IBS for awhile now, and it's not any big deal or anything, but because my stomach has been hurting really bad recently, he wants me to go and make sure there isn't anything else wrong. I don't want to go. My friend from work just had to go to one recently and they made her get a colonoscopy. I don't want anybody sticking something up my butt. I've decided I'm just going to avoid the issue as long as I can. I mean, if there was something seriously wrong with me I'm sure I'd be more ill than I am now. I basically feel fine except whenever I eat I get really bad stomach pains and stuff. If I had some awful stomach disease I'm sure I'd have more syptoms. Of course now I'm going to stress over it because I know if I don't start to feel better I'm going to have to go.
Should I go take a nap now?....My sources say no. Rats.
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:: Friday, June 3 ::
check it out, dudes www.buzzfiend.com
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:: Wednesday, May 4 ::
Rafiki is on my calendar in May :)
So on Sunday I went down to my brother's for his birthday. We took him out to the Iron Moto to eat some japanese food. Then we got milkshakes at DQ. Then we went home and watched IRobot. I had lots of fun except for the IRobot part.
Chuck went to a dermatologist on Tuesday. He had a funny looking mole on his thigh. The Dr. said that it's probably nothing to worry about, but he wants to cut it off anyway. He also picked out two other moles for disection. I know it's probably no big deal, but I still have been beside myself with worry. It's not even a crazy surgery or anything, he can even drive himself there and back. I just hope that everything turns out okay.
I'm pretty excited about Mom's Day. I'm making dinner for both my mom and Chuck's mom. I usually don't entertain much, but I like to from time to time. I've been feeling very domestic lately. I'm make eggplant parm. I haven't decided on the dessert yet. I'll have to go on the Betty Crocker website and see what I can find. I bought my mom a toaster. We haven't gotten anything for Chuck's mom yet. It should be fun.
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:: Friday, April 29 ::
I'm doing all of the laundry in my house today. This is a huge task because Chuck and I never do laundry. It's a pain in the ass because we have to take everything to the laundramat and sometimes we don't have change and sometimes we don't have the extra cash to make change. I just got really sick and tired of having no clean close and having to step over the pile of dirty close that grew on our bedroom floor.
I really have to clean our whole house. I don't really like to clean when I'm depressed, so I've kind of let the apartment get messy. Which makes me more depressed because I hate when my house isn't neat and clean.
Chuck also has a show tonight. It's the first time playing a show with their new drummer. It should be fun.
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